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I’m Preston Whaley Jr. I live in Bradenton, Florida in the Village of the Arts with my wife Carrie, two kids, Otis and Imogene, and a miniature hamster named Charlie.

I’ve had many teachers but my primary training has been with Tias Little, Joseph LePage, Maria Mendoza and Martin Kirk. I am registered with Yoga Alliance as an e-RYT 500, level instructor. I am a life long student.

I am 60 years old and active as a tennis player, hiker, surfer and keeping up with two very energetic kids. I love working in the group yoga environment and in private sessions with people of similar age or older who want to be more physically and mentally limber, stronger, and agile. I have found the private yoga sessions work great with busy professionals as well as with a significant clientele of athletes — golfers, tennis players, etc. I invite you to book a session and see if you don’t feel something positive in the making. To book a session Chat below or email.

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