Yoga For Injuries 


Yoga for Injuries values the knowledge of western medicine and science and its integration with the ancient practices and wisdom of yoga. Yoga for injuries focuses on the whole person, aligning the physical/emotional and conceptual/spiritual dimensions of healing that promote good health. Yoga for injuries is different from "Yoga," in that the level of training and experience of the teacher is extensive.  Preston has thorough training and knowledge of anatomy and physiology and he knows how to read/assess the skeletal alignment of the human body. He is familiar with many of the common malladies and challenges that afflict people in the modern age and how the techniques of yoga can be used to avoid harm and promote natural improvement and healing. Preston adapts the practices of yoga to make them accessible and beneficial to the client. Some of this knowledge is applied in the Yoga Arts classes, but most injuries are best addressed in private sessions.  Call Yoga Arts to inquire about what is best for you: 941 747 - 9397.


What should I expect in a private session?


You will find a warm and compassionate environment of open communication, listening and clarification.   Expect an honest assessment of where things are and a clear sense of how to get where you want to be. You should feel better right away and hopeful, that with commitment and kind-hearted discipline, yoga can improve your health. You should expect an affirming and healing experience. 


The first session lasts up to an hour and a half and involves consultation and assessment. Subsequent sessions usually take an hour. In addition, based on your ability, needs and goals, you are given a practice to do at home that reinforces the work done at session, promoting quick progress and a sense of participation and accomplishment in one's own recovery.


Call Preston at 941 747 9397 or email from the contact page.

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