Alignment-based Yoga for Athletes 

Alignment-based Yoga is an excellent means of cross-training for sports where repetitive movements cause ingrained patterns of tension and strain in the body that can ultimately be detrimental. Yoga for Athletes with Preston Whaley Jr., provides an effective means of re-balancing the muscular skeletal biases of a sport. Preston's alignment-based yoga will help you rebalance the imbalances and more ...


*Align the mind with your sport through refined conceptualization, visualization and focus.

*Align the joints of the body in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes balance, stability and power.

Improve flexibility and strength in your muscles by performing key postures, relevant to your sport and "eccentric" actions within the  yoga poses that lengthen, strengthen and renew muscle tissue and maximize joint health. 

• Improve joint stability and Range of Motion (ROM) in the spine, shoulders, hips, wrists, knees and ankles.

• Boost resilience, recover faster, heal faster. 

• Enhance breath capacity and control.

• Connect with the calmer aspect of yourself by engaging the relaxation response and replenishing reserves depleted by the rigors of training and competition.

• Through improved mind/body alignment and the ability to visualize yourself performing with high motivation at your highest level — through adversity and distraction — you can perform with more joy, energy, confidence and presence at maximum capacity. 

These benefits can be developed in the Yoga Arts classes, but to a greater personal degree through individual attention in private sessions. Call 941 747 9397 or email from the contact page to discuss what's best for you. 



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