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Practice is the intention.

Thank you for stopping by. I’ve been a passionate, knowledge-based yoga instructor for 15 years. Over that time  I have learned how to integrate alignment-based yoga, kinetic movement techniques, breath and meditative practices that enhance the health and function of specific areas of the body, as well as the whole person. I look forward to sharing with you the lessons I’ve learned along the way, in the studio or live online.

*Covid 19 Update: In person group sessions closed until further notice. Please see online group offerings, below. 

In person individual sessions are available online now, and scheduled to be available, in person at the studio, Tuesday - Friday, beginning August 10.

Meet Yoga Arts

I have been a certified yoga instructor since 2005 in Bradenton, Florida and opened Yoga Arts in 2008. From the foundation that my teachers have given me, I continue to grow into the teacher I am and want to be. Yoga is a practice that supports life. I delight in sharing with you the best of what my experience and knowledge have to offer.

The individual conscious being, as a contraction of universal Awareness, consists of the entire universe in a microcosmic form.

Rajanaka Ksemaraja


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